Knitting Hats: How to Knit a Beanie

easy instructions to knit a beanie

If you have the skills to make a scarf then learning how to knit a beanie is easy peasy!

A lot of people are like me: they have a pretty good understanding of most simple knitting techniques but they shy away from doing more advanced projects. When it comes to knitting something like a hat, well, it sounds to advanced to even get started!

It’s true that some are complex, especially that require knitting in the round. But, know this, if you have the skills to make a scarf then learning how to knit a beanie is easy peasy!

Let’s get started! Here is an overview of everything you need to know, including instructions to knit a beanie.

Instructions to Knit a Beanie

First, you’ll need to figure out the gauge. In other words, you must determine the number of stitches needed to cast on to encircle the circumference of the head. From there, take into account the size and type of yarn you’ll use as well as the needles you have selected. When learning how to knit a beanie, I recommend using size 6-8 (smaller) needles so you have tight stitches so strands of hair don’t stick through the cap when its finished.

Cast on using the number of stitches you figured out in the last step. Yes, knitting in the round is prettier, but its also very difficult so for a beginner knitting a hat in one piece and then sewing a seam at the back is an easy way to start.

Stitches Good For Knitting Beanies

From here you have several options. You can easily do a garter stitch where you knit all rows, a stockinette stitch where you alternate kitted and purled rows, or if you have some more experience and want to try something difficult, do a rib where you alternate knits and purls within the rows.

Basically, the makeup of the beanie is constant regardless of the design.

Start by knitting (or purling) all of the stitches all the way until you get the hat to be about 2/3 of the final size you desire.

Once you get to this point, slowly decrease the quantity of stitches in each row to form the crown of the beanie.

Pay attention that you decrease symmetrically! My strategy to ensure this is to follow a simple pattern:

knit two rows together, two normally for 3-4 rows, and then knit the next 2-3 normally. Then repeat two rows together followed by two normally until you’re at 3/4 the final size you desire.

Then, you’ll have to decrease at a greater rate. To do this, try knitting two together, and one normally, or just two together for the whole row.

Continue this until there are only 4-6 stitches left on the needle.

Finally, bind off, sew up that seam and you’re finished.

You now have a trendy, unique hat for a loved one and you’re a master of how to knit a beanie!

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  1. Emma says:

    Hi! I’m really new to knitting and I’m trying to make my mom a hat for christmas. Forgive me if i sound really stupid, Because I’m realy new to this, but it says to knit two rows together, And I’m kind of confused what that means exactly. Do you think you could break it down for me? Thank you!!

  2. Sammy says:

    Hi!! I love to knitt, but I can’t find any patterns on knitting a beanie with circular needles only. I just want to knitt a simple beanie for a teenage girl. Please help me.

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