Knitting Patterns for Beanies

knitted baby beanie

Knitted beanie by Allerina & Glen MacLarty.

When you’re learning to knit it’s natural to have lots of questions. You’re not the only one! We’ve picked some of the best questions to answer here. Think you have a better answer? Leave your answer in the comments below.

Where to Find Knitting Patterns for Beanies

Today’s questions are all about  where to find the best patterns for knitting beanies. If you have an answer, feel free to chime in with a comment and share your thoughts! Meanwhile, we’ll be on the lookout for the best beanie patterns…

Does anyone know of a knitting pattern for a slouchy beanie?

I’m looking for a pattern as similar as possible to this really nice beanie i saw in Jack Wills—
it has horizontal stripes and has ‘ribs’ or is ‘cabled’ i don’t know what it is called.

Kat offered this beanie pattern: It’s 2×2 ribbing. Below is a very simple ribbed cap pattern:

where can i get a good/simple striped knitting pattern?

I really want to knit a cute striped beanie (for a boy), i can’t seem to find one that is simple (beginner or easy), i just wanted a pattern that could possibly let me knit a hat. It would be great if there was a link but a website name would also be great. Oh! and I wanted to try and do it on circular needles (idk if you can even use straight needles for stripes but i want to use circular needles)

biddix1 offers this suggestion for knitting beanies with stripes: You really don’t need a pattern for stripes. You just decide how thick you want the stripe & switch colors when the last stripe is big enough for your taste. You can do the hat on either circular or straight, you will just have a seam if you use straight.

All you do is figure out how big your hat needs to be (measure the head you are making it for) & knit/purl your way back & forth on straight needles. When you are two inches from the top of the hat, you start decreasing as you end the rows. I usually do a k2t two stitches before the end of the row every knit row and p2t two stitches before the end of the purl rows. This keeps things easy to keep track of & keeps the curves uniform. When you have gotten the height on the hat you want, just sew it together. Couldnt be easier.

Knitting a Beanie with Earflaps

I saw the cutest beanie with ear flaps for a newborn the other day… I found alot of patterns to knit one, but I have never knitted before in my life! Anyone know of a great site for beginners? Or, perhaps know a great book i can buy?

Pamsie98564 suggests waiting to begin a beanie project: Before you try to read the pattern, you need to know the basics of knitting; how to do a garter stitch, how to purl, the importance of gaure, how to bind off. What I suggest you do is find a book for a beginning knitter such as Knitting for Dummies or Teach Yourself Visually Knitting to get an idea about yarn weights, how to select the correct needle size and then check out Youtube to get a better idea of how to do the stitches.

If you you get stuck you may want to go to your local yarn shop or maybe one of those big chain craft stores and see of someone can help you Once you get all of that down, then try to do a small simple project such as a knitted dish cloth or a scarf so that you can get comfortable with the different types of stitches. Don’t try to jump into a complicated pattern expecting fabulous results, because then you will just get frustrated and never want to knit again.

Loom knitting patterns for or beanies?

So, I wanted to have some simple, but interesting loom knitting patterns. I really want to learn how to make a slouchy beanie, a hat with ear flaps, and a hat with cat ears. I was making my boyfriend something for the holidays, and I feel like this would be a good gift. Heart felt, sweet, etc. I’ve been loom knitting off and on for a few years, but I am no where near an expert. Could I get some free ideas?

Kirsten shares her source for beanie patterns online: This webpage has links to several pattern resources:

More Ideas for Patterns and Knitting Beanies

What do you think? Where would you go to download patterns for knitting a beanie? Leave a comment, share a link and let’s knit!

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